4th SEPT Talk Introduction evening

Come and learn about the club, what we can offer and how we all learn to develop our hobby and expertise. We will be sharing some of our images from the summer to enthuse members, both old and new!

11th SEPT Talk Product photography By Simon Morris

A talk about how to setup small studio from our own Simon Morris. This will include lighting setups, tethered shooting and some basic manipulation.

18thSEPT Practical Product photography Members – bring own lights

This leads on from the previous week, so you’ve covered the theory – now we’re on to the practical. You will need to know how to use your camera in manual mode (ideally) so you can get the most from the evening. Two setups, one basic and one more advanced. A third will be decided upon the night.

25th SEPT Peer-reviewed Competition Product photography

So you’ve taken the photos, edited them at home and now you get a chance to be judged against your fellow members, by the members. We’ll be using an anonymous voting system (so no one will see who you have voted for) and there will be fabulous prizes for the top three scores! Perhaps even wine.

2nd OCT Competition 1st print Judge Cherry Larcombe EFIAP ARPS DPAGB

9-Oct Talk Levitation/Ghosts by Darren Woolway

Darren will be joining us to discuss levitation photography. Search for it on the internet, it’s a complex and challenging form of photography but one which we think you’ll find really interesting. Once we’ve had a master class, we’ll be able to shoot our own the following week.

16-Oct Practical Levitation Shoot with lego etc Members

This week we’ll be using lego (or similar models) to recreate what we learned from the previous week. This will allow us to look at lighting and studio setup in intricate detail.

Send DPIs to Robin for Competition on 30th.

23-Oct Peer reviewed Competition Levitation Members

Photos taken and edited from levitation, now for a bit friendly critique and banter from your fellow members through peer-reviewed competition. Members voting for other members’ levitation photography.

30-Oct Competition 1st Dpi By Paul Adams DPAGB, FDPS

6-Nov Talk Northern Kent to Northern Finland by Robert Canis

Robert joins us to share his incredible journey, told through photography. Take a look on his website, a wealth of information and facts, along with the specifics of this talk. One not to be missed!

13-Nov Practical How do you get to that image?

We’re asking members to email in images (involving lights) that you’d like us to try and recreate LIVE. What could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot we imagine, but it will be fun trying to deconstruct, then recreate iconic photographs or other great ideas that you may have seen on your internet trawls.

20-Nov Competition 2nd print by Paul Parkinson LRPS CPAGB

27-Nov Talk Street Photography by James Ruderford

James is a self-taught street photographer who has given his talk across clubs in the North of England. Luckily for us he has friends in Faversham! I’m sure by the end of the night he’ll have a few more as he discusses his motivations and shooting style. Look at his Facebook page for more information.

Away Battle with Canterbury

Send DPIs to Robin for competition on 11th.

4-Dec Practical Model shoot with 2 birds (feathered)

Come armed with your camera to this evening and have a good knowledge of how to use it. This will be a packed evening with lots of opportunity to shoot birds up close (with a camera!)

11-Dec Competition 2nd dpi Judge Zoe Archer

18-Dec Talk Peer photoshop workshop

In this evening, members show us how they would edit a photo (Lightroom/Photoshop). We’ll start with the same image, then talk through our processes to get to our end photo. Many differences approaches are used within the club and it will be interesting to see how they end up!

25-Dec No Meeting

1-Jan No Meeting

8-Jan Competition 3rd print by Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB

15-Jan Talk Single Flash / Light Modifier Demo

Lots of members asked us about flash and modifiers. This is your night to learn about the theory behind flash and how to change the light source in a way which will influence and enhance your images.

Send DPIs to Robin for competition on 29th.

22-Jan Practical Light modifiers Practical Members

So you’ve had the theory, now comes the practice. This evening will allow you to put into practice what you have learned from the previous week.

29-Jan Competition 3rd dpi Judge Ian & Marie Stone DPAGB BP3* DPI

5-Feb Talk Close-up and Macro Nature Photography Daniel Bridge

Daniel comes highly recommended and is acclaimed for his close-up work. This will give you some inspiration to get into macro if you’ve not already tried it, or consolidate your skills if you are already confident.

12-Feb Practical Members Macro night

Building on from Daniel’s talk the previous week, this practical night will be all around macro photography. Bring your cameras, tripods (or steady hands). We’ll hopefully team up people who have a lot of experience with people who are just starting off.

19-Feb Competition

4th print Competition Judge Chris shore FRPS MPAGB EFIAP BPES*

25-Feb Battle Away to Herne Bay

26-Feb No Meeting Ash Wednesday

Send DPIs to Robin for competition on 11th.

4-Mar Talk Kent Landscapes Part 2 talk by Alex Hare

Alex joins us again this year, moving on from his previous talk last season – one of our most well received evenings/speakers. We welcome him back to talk about his landscapes and share with us some of his tips and secrets.

11-Mar Competition 4th dpi judge Alex Hare

18-Mar Practical Splash Photography

Bring cameras tripods and things to splash with

25-Mar Talk Margate Photagraphy by David Townsend ANPS

David is a local chap, who is a prolific photographer and sharer on social media. If you’re on Facebook or Instagram you’ll have seen his work on KentViews. David uses most of the Kent coastline as his subject and so much of his content is accessible to all of us that it’s great to see what we can all achieve. Go and take seaside shots to share with us for the following week!

1-Apr Competition street photography /colour print of the year judge Daren woolway

8-Apr Sharing night

This week we’ll be asking members to share their seaside shots, inspired by David from the previous week.

Send DPIs to Robin for competition 22nd.

15-Apr Presentation 2019 Diamond images

22-Apr Competition Panel/ DPI of the year Helen Taylor ARPS DPAGB BPE3

29-Apr Talk/Competition DPi of the year

6-May Swale trophy 3 way Battle (At Faversham) Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB

13-May Competition Mono print of the year/portrait Kirsty ralfs

20-May AGM