Due to the Covid virus the meetings at the club will no longer happen till next year.

The club will continue as an online club, please see the programme for details of the coming events.

The competitions will all be in digital format,

The competitions and the lectures will all be run via Zoom.

Club members will recive details via email.

This is just a quick reminder to everyone that the FDCC 2020/2021 season will consist of virtual events each Wednesday evening until at least the New Year, this is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
The session will be driven via a Zoom meeting, to register look for the links provided on the FDCC Facebook page and the Camversation Facebook page. Most the scheduled talks will require a fee of £2:50 to cover the cost of the speaker, competitions will have a charge of £2:50 if entering images for judging, again to pay the cost of the judge, however if you only wish to listen to the commentary of the competition and view the entered images this will be free of charge.
To gain entry to all online sessions you must register you interest and pay the fee, where appropriate, prior to the event. Once you register you will be emailed the necessary Zoom link and instruction to join the session.
Payment can be made using either PayPal or a credit/debit card and to join the Zoom meeting you do not need to register yourself with Zoom, either simply click on the link and run it in a web page, or to get a better experience download and use the Zoom plug-in which will allow the use of the computer’s audio / webcam and show the presentation in full screen mode.
The current programme of events is published on the FDCC website (http://www.fdcc.co.uk/) and also on the FDCC Facebook pages.
We hope to see as many of you as possible at the various events during the coming months.