A Brief Look into the Forthcoming Season evenings.


September 5th
“Opening Night” Registration evening, meet new members, and an explanation and insight as to what happens at FDCC.

September 12th
“A short guide to long exposures” James Stamp, Ever wondered about those Little & Big Stoppers? We are talking filters, best one to buy, plastic glass, best filter holder, how to use them, an informative evening.


September 26th
“Gig photography” Warren Millar & Jim Moody, Trouble with your exposure outdoors. How does one sort it out indoors, when the light is bright, dark, red, blue, green and constantly changing?


October 10th
“An evening with the past…informing the present” Tony Othen, Looks like a very good evening, it will take you back?

As a photographer for more than 40 years I have had opportunities to observe the social, educational, economic and physical conditions of people in many countries and I have developed and honed unique sets of images…

My belief is that these sets of images create an experience for the reader. And my hope is that this created experience can catalyse into something greater and relevant for today.


November 7th
“Animal photography” (Dogs) Elke Vogelsang Some great images here folks.

Short introduction to Elke: born 1972, living in Hildesheim Germany, working world-wide, photographer specializing in dog portraiture, proudly owned by three Spanish rescue mutts.

My photography has been published in books, newspapers, and magazines globally including the likes of National Geographic, The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Times Magazine. In addition to this, my work has been displayed in galleries from Lisbon to Paris.


November 28th
“Streets of Iraq / Kurdish Region”……Photographer Saman Ali I am not going to say much about this evening, the clue is in the title, I have had a sneak preview of some images, don’t miss this one guys.


December 12th
“Cruise ship photography” Daniel Ilkhan,


January 9th
“Photoshop textures” Sue Chapman See how to create, and add a texture, how to make a good image even better, great tips.


January 23rd
PIM’s anyone? “Pat Ian & Mike show” Images, monthly challenges on set themes, all shot indoors, audience participation; how they did it, don’t miss this one people.


February 13th
“Wildlife photography” Bob Canis, Don’t miss this one; Bob is a great guy, excellent photographer, gives tips and advice freely, abundant knowledge of flora, fauna, wildlife.


April 10th
“Glamour photography” Club member Simon Morris, Tips & Tricks, how obtain great results in Glamour Shoots.


April 17th
“Glamour model photography” Club member Simon Morris, following on from last week’s theory, now practical, watch how it’s done, posing, lighting, techniques. Tickets for front row seats can be purchased from me on the night, member discount available (it’s a joke)


May 15th
“Urban Decay” Vivaca Koh FRPS

I am a self-taught Fine Art photographer, with a special fascination for small details, for lost, abandoned, poignant and generally broken objects, and also for darkness contrasting with light, both in a physical and emotional sense.

Many of my illustrative images simply evolve as I am working on them – I start off with a quite straightforward idea of what I want to achieve but am always willing to venture wherever the photograph wants me to go, as I overlay multiple images together or add textures, scanned documents as new layers, and subtle shading. Two photographs may blend together in a way that I could not have previously imagined, and this is one of the things that I find so exciting and all-consuming when I work, to produce a final image that perhaps a little bit different, that invokes emotion in the viewer and makes them question their sense of the world as they know it.

In June 2014 I was awarded a Fellowship Distinction by the Royal Photographic Society, following on from an Associateship Distinction in June 2011 and a Licentiateship Distinction in 2010.