Date Activity Speaker  
September 6th Opening night carousel of activities    
  13th Dave Mason ‘Windows of opportunity’ Dave Mason  
  20th Member’s Night – Short presentation on own work – maybe informal voting after? Lecturettes – 5-6 people talk about something they do well?  
  27th Stereography / 3D Talk Kevin Harvey  
October 4th 1st Monthly Print Competition Paul Parkinson LRPS  
  11th Drone Photography Talk ATEC 3D (Simon Spratley)  
  18th RAF / reportage Ady Kerry  
  25th 1st Monthly DPI Competition Paul Adams ARPS, DPAGB, FDPS  
November 1st Can Ian and Tony do their talk here?    
  8th Paul Sanders    
  15th 2nd Monthly Print Competition Cherry Larcombe EFIAP ARPS  
  22nd Lecture on mentoring and review. Then all membership mentor each other? RPS?    
  29th   Darren Woolway  
December 6th 2nd Monthly DPI Competition Suzanne Flood DPAGB  
  13th 1st half advanced flash or Photo vs Photo activity. Membership decide on two images instantly choosing one. It’s a knockout! For 2nd half    
  20th Christmas – No meeting     
  27th Christmas – No meeting     
January 3rd 3rd Monthly Print Competition Sue Chapman ARPS CPAGB  
  10th Ready – Steady – Shoot    
  17th Miniature People Photography – booked from Facebook, awaiting time as in USA.    
  24th Street Photography Glen London  
  31st Flanders’ Fields Talk Bill Lateu & Co  
February 7th 3rd Monthly DPI Competition Colin Brownett ARPS EFIAP  
  14th Creating textures to use in photo editing Cherry Larcombe EFIAP ARPS  
  21st 4th Monthly Print Competition Glyn Bareham LRPS CPAGB  
  27th Herne Bay Battle Cherry Larcombe EFIAP ARPS DPAGB BPE4*  
  28th Compositing images  Darren Woolway  
March 7th    
  14th 4th Monthly DPI Competition Clive Tanner FRPS MPAGB APAGB  
  21st Photography in War. Dr Hilary Roberts (Imperial War Museum)  
  28th Peter Hedgeland Trophy and Projected Image of the Year Cherry Larcombe EFIAP ARPS DPAGB BPE4*  
April 4th Colour Panel and Street Photography Cup Helen Taylor ARPS DPAGB BPE3*  
  11th Headlines, Bylines and Deadlines; a day in the life… Andy Payton  
  18th Mono Print and Colour Portrait of the Year Chris Shore FRPS MPAGB EFIAP BPE5*  
  25th PhotoHunt? -Set items to locate and photograph in Faversham? <1 of the hall Shooting the alphabet (groups given different letters to photograph ie; A – Alexander centre, B – Bridge) 1 hour to shoot, then back to hall to present?  
May 2nd Colour Print and Monochrome Portrait of the Year Kirsty Ralfs ARPS  
  3rd Reflex Battle    
  9th Photo Hunt Sharing session?    
  16th  “AGM” Please be advised, our AGM for 2018 has been moved to Wed’ June 6th    
  23rd Sue Chapham Talk on creative work    
  30th  Annual Club Dinner